Automotive Foam
Contruction Foam
Packing,Sports Foam
Topsun’s close cell EPDM Foam for the Automotor or household electrical appliances
Density: 100-150kgs/m3
Size: 1000*2000*50mm
Hardness/Shore C: 8-23
With the Rohs Certification
Adhensive: one side or Double-side
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) closed cell sponge rubber material exhibits very good aging properties, compressibility, and shows an excellent resistance to ozone and oxidation, which explains its use
in a variety of industrial and commercial applications for the Transportation, Sealing Strip for Car’s Window, Thermal Insulation Material for Air-condition and Fridge, Disher-Washer, Damping Material for Walls and so on.

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