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China’s professional manufacturer of foam with the close cell, open cell (EVA Foam, PE Foam, EPDM FOAM, CR Foam, NBR Foam, NBR/PVC Foam, TPE Foam) for the Construction & Building, Automotive, Packing, Sports Markets…

TOPSUN Product Range:
-Construction & Building: EVA Foam, PE Foam, EPE Foam, EPDM Foam
-Automotive, Electronics, Marine: EVA Foam, PE Foam ,EPDM Foam, CR Foam, NBR/PVC Foam, NBR Foam
-Packaging, Advertisement, Sport, Shoes: EVA Foam, EPE Foam, Neoprene Foam, NBR/PVC Foam, TPE Foam

With TOPSUN, you will enjoy competitive price, effective communication, excellent project management and on-time delivery 

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