Automotive Foam
Contruction Foam
Packing,Sports Foam
Topsun’s Foam with one side or both sides adhensive glue
Single sided foam tapes are generally used to create water, air or dust seals, for cushioning and to protect or to gap fill.
 Double sided foam tapes are generally used in joining, fixing, cushioning, protection or mounting applications.
 Foam tapes can be used in conjunction with nearly every industry in operation for water sealing, air and dust sealing, all weather sealing, anti-rattle / anti vibration applications, anti slip and differential substrate separating.
 Depending on the base material chosen, foam tapes are generally used in automotive, aerospace, signage, white goods, H.VAC and building and construction industries.
 Self-adhesive foam which is used for making gaskets in control panel, car, refrigerators and machines etc. Also used as pipe wrapping or ducting.

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